As a non-profit student team, we are extremely privileged and grateful to have the opportunity to work with our sponsors, who support and enable us to compete in the Formula Student competition.


Edinburgh Napier University sponsorship logo

Edinburgh Napier University is where our members learn the theoretical background in order to design and build our cars. From day one, ENU has been fully supportive of our project, providing us with space to work in, and the freedom to ‘have a go’. With this kind of backing, it is no surprise that ENU has been steadily climbing the rankings in many of the league tables in addition to receiving awards, demonstrating the University’s dedication to its students.

ENSA sponsorship logo

ENSA is our Students' Association, and they support us with our team logistics, such as transportation and organising events like the Freshers Fair. They provide all Edinburgh Napier students with support & our management team with comprehensive training in leadership skills, and are always a friendly face whenever we have a problem.

Belushi's sponsorship logo

Belushi's Bar, in the heart of Edinburgh, supports us with a place where we can come together and hold our regular socials. It has a friendly and vibrant atmosphere where we spend time after our team meetings with delicious food and drinks. As a sports bar, Belushi's also provides us with a great space to watch Formula 1 together, which is always a treat!

Ansys sponsorship logo

Since its founding in 1970, Ansys software has been a vital tool for engineering and innovation. Ansys provides FSTN with licences to their simulation software (which allows us to test out a variety of mechanical problems, including static, dynamic, structural analysis, heat and fluid problems), in addition to onboarding and training programs. By incorporating Ansys into the design process, FSTN's engineers aim to learn an industry-standard tool to further their professional development, whilst elevating the optimisation of our car's components.

Altium sponsorship logo

Altium is a multinational software company which provides the world’s most popular PCB design programme to some of the world’s best engineers. This gives FSTN complete CAD software with a PCB design system that gives us the resources we need for our biggest design challenges. From our initial schematic capture to our final manufacturing output data, all the tools we need for PCB design are available through Altium Designer.

Nexus Precision sponsorship logo

Nexus Precision specialise in high-quality precision engineering solutions. Owning two facilities in Scotland with a combined production floor space of over 60,000 sq. ft., including one just down the road from the team in Livingston, Nexus are ideally situated to support the team. Nexus Precision supports the team by helping machine our custom suspension and drivetrain components.

Thales sponsorship logo

Thales is a global technology leader with more than 77,000 employees on five continents. The group is investing in digital and “deep tech” innovations – Big Data, artificial intelligence, connectivity, cybersecurity and quantum technology – to build a future we can all trust. In the markets of defence and security, aerospace and space, digital identity and security, and transport, Thales provides solutions, services and products to help its customers – companies, organisations and governments – to carry out their critical missions.

YU sponsorship logo

Yu Understood are a team of volunteers, dedicated to supporting people in this fast-flowing world, and allowing them to take a moment to slow down. Making time to think about how you feel, who you interact with and what’s going on in the present moment can help you understand yourself better. As a team, we believe it is very important to take these moments when you can to reflect, and to better our own wellbeing.